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On 01st January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has set a faster and unique process to welcome aspiring skilled professionals from any part of the world to meet their Immigration needs by introducing Express Entry System, a comprehensive online Electronic Visa Processing method.

The Introduction of Express Entry System has significantly reduced the processing time of all visa applications to a maximum of 12 months. Express Entry System covers almost all the occupation sectors than its predecessor Immigration version. It is a merit-based selection system where the qualified applicants will be invited based on factors like Age, Qualification, Work Experience, English Language Proficiency etc.

Applicants who meet the above-mentioned components would be eligible to create an electronic Express Entry profile. Applicants who receive a valid employment offer from a Canadian Employer or a Provincial Nomination Invitation will immediately be granted an Invitation to Apply (ITA) upon submission from the Canadian Immigration Department.

The Process:

Step 1: ECA (Education Credentials Assessment) + IELTS

Step 2: Creation of online Express Entry profile identifying the skills and qualifications of the applicant..

Step 3 : Upon selection, the applicant will be issued an ITA (Invitation to Apply) basis which case need to be filed for Permanent Residency with CIC within 60 days of the issuance.

Step 4: Pay Visa Processing Fee C$ 550 per adult and C$ 150 per kid . Show proof of funds as per family members.

Step 5 :  Pay Right of Permanent Residency Fee (RPRF) C$ 490 x per adult

Step 6: Receipt of Passport Request ; Courier passport and get Visa stamped & get Confirmation of Permanent Residency.

Popular immigration routes to Canada
  • Immigrate thru Express Category for skilled immigrants who want to settle permanently and participate in Canadian economy.
  • The Skilled Worker category is a very popular visa program specially designed for people with high levels of skills and experience
  • The Canadian Student Visa Program offers a study permit that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada.
  • The Canadian Business Immigration category is designed to attract business people to Canada and make a helpful contribution in the country’s economy
  • The Provincial Nominee Program is one of the fast track ways to move Canada, which aims to help employers in Quebec and other Canadian provinces to meet their needs by hiring migrant workers

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Express Entry & Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Express Entry manages applications for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Program. Recently some changes have been made including LMIA exemptions for certain jobs, number of RS points awarded for valid job offers and one-year job offers.Under Atlantic Immigration Pilot, employers in Atlantic Canada can hire skilled workers and international student graduates who want to live permanently in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. LMIA is not needed. 3 Programs are – 1. Atlantic High-Skilled, 2. Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled 3. Atlantic International Graduate programs. Employers must be designated by the provincial govt. Eligibility includes offer of full-time or one year non-seasonal job employment in skill type/level 0,A or B, certain experience, Educational Credential Assessment report, language level of CLB4 or higher, financial security etc.

Business Visa

Canada, an economically rich country, offers immense opportunities to business visitors. Thousands of businessmen undertake short-term visits to Canada..

Family Visa

Canada encourages family reunification. The Family Visa programs that Canada offers range of programs and opportunities for Canadian citizens.Certain relatives (spouse, common-law partner, parents and grandparents, children, grandchildren, adopted child), can be sponsored for permanent residence to Canada. To sponsor certain relatives (orphaned close relatives, certain blood relative, award points to skilled or experienced candidates), a sponsor has to support relatives financially and able to meet basic needs as food, shelter and clothing and relatives must not need social assistance.

Student Visa

UNIFIED helps to get a Study Permit from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and a Temporary Resident Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization. We use Student Direct Stream program. Study permit is valid for the entire length of your study program and usually +90 days to prepare for leaving or extending your stay. You can leave and return to Canada during this tenure.Eligibility include an enrolment at a DLI, proof of your financial resources for tuition fees, living expenses and return transportation, police certificate to prove that you have no criminal record, satisfactory medical exam report, and convince immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your studies.Before you get a study permit, you must secure an acceptance letter form a DLI, have a valid passport and proof that you can support yourself and your dependants. You also need to provide your biometrics like fingerprints and photos. A letter of explanation indicating why you want to study in Canada and that you understand your responsibilities, is also needed to convince the visa officer. The application can be made on paper or electronically A study permit is not required for short courses of less than 6 months.

Temporary Resident Visa

A traveller must have a valid passport and foreign nationals need a valid visa or Electronic Travel Authorization. Apply for eTA before even booking your flight. You can bring certain goods for your consumption except prohibited goods and may have to leave a security deposit, which will be refunded by mail upon leaving Canada with those goods, and you are issued a Temporary Admission Permit. You must declare if you have currency or monetary instruments equal or greater than CAN$10,000 while crossing Canadian borders. Gifts should be unwrapped.You will get a visa or eTA automatically once your work permit or study permit application is approved. Certain individuals may be inadmissible. For further details contact CIC or Unified Immigration team.


Canadian Citizenship is considered as one of the most coveted citizenship in the world; and it can be obtained through legally recognized permanent residence..

Temporary Work Visa

Usually one needs a work permit to work in Canada. Eligibility includes, prove that you will leave Canada upon expiry of the permit, your and your family’s financial security, provide police clearance certificate, medical exam etc.Global Skills Strategy processes work permit for eligible applicants within 2 weeks. You don’t need an LMIA because your job is either skill type 0 (managerial) or skill level A (professional) and the employer has submitted an offer of employment using Employer Portal.Global Talent Stream also processes eligible application within 2 weeks. You need a positive LMIA (Labour market Impact Assessment), your spouse and dependant children are also eligible and provide medical exam, police certificate, submit biometrics and pay the fee.There are 2 types of work permit: 1. Open work Permit – issued in specific conditions, allows to work for any employer (with some exceptions). 2. Employer-specific work permit – allows to work according to the conditions on work permit like name of the employer, period and location of work.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions!!
It is a document that permits a person to work and live in one of the Canadian province or territory. It comes with several responsibilities and may be revoked in case the holder does not obey the Canadian residency obligations or is found guilty of conducting criminal activities in the country.
The Canadian Citizenship can typically be obtained after a period of three years of Permanent residence in Canada.
A Canadian Permanent Resident Card is a small, secured plastic card which contains the cardholder’s personal details and confirms the holder’s status as a Permanent Resident of Canada.
Yes. Since 1977, the Canadian country has permitted its citizens to hold multiple or dual citizenship. This means that a citizen of Canada will not lose his/her Canadian citizenship in case he/she retains his/her native nation’s citizenship.
The Canadian Experience Class Program is an immigration category that permits temporary international workers to work in the country with a Permanent Resident Visa of Canada.
The Provincial Nominee program was instituted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to permit different provinces and territories of Canada to select individuals who have required skills and experience for filling in the position of work which cannot be done by existing workforce in Canada and further contribute to the economic development of the country. Most territories and provinces within the country take part in the Provincial Nominee programs.
Yes. An individual can apply only for a Temporary Work Permit or in combination with an application for an immigration visa. CIC recognizes dual intent, whereby an individual can work in Canada on temporary basis and thereafter live and work in the country permanently.
The need for a student visa majorly depends on the length of the course. If the course duration is less than six months, then there is no need for a student visa. However, if the course duration is more than six months, you must apply for a student visa.
No, there is no eligibility occupation list prevalent at this time under the Federal Skilled Worker Visa category. Applicants of this category must have a minimum one year work experience in the last 10 years in a National Occupation Classification (NOC) code types O, A and B.
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